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You have just 12 MINUTES to impress on a date… and it's the smile, eye contact and breath that are immediately judged, according to research

We only have 12 minutes to impress someone on a first date.

Research shows it takes just a few minutes for us to decide whether we are romantically interested someone new.

We are immediately judged on our smile (64 per cent), eye contact (58 per cent) and tone of voice (25 per cent).

A survey questioned 2,000 people about their first dates experiences.

Body odor was found to be the most off-putting characteristic for six in ten hopeful singles (59 per cent), followed by bad breath (53 per cent).
Meanwhile, four in ten of us (38 per cent) get turned off if their date starts swearing.


 1. Smile (64 per cent)
2. Make eye contact (58 per cent)
3. Have fresh smelling breath (45 per cent)
4. Have a good tone of voice (25 per cent)
5. Wear smart clothes (23 per cent)



1. Body odor (59 per cent)
2. Bad breath (53 per cent)
3. Swearing (38 per cent)
4. Scruffy clothes (36 per cent)
5. Not smiling (33 per cent)


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