Michelle Rodriguez Drowns Her Sorrow in Booze & Luscious Lips of Cara Delevingne

TEASE: How is Michelle Rodriguezgrieving the loss of co-star Paul Walker?

Last night, Michelle Rodriguez made a spectacle on the front row of the New York Knicks basketball game.

The Fast & Furious actress had a date, British model Cara Delevingne. Michelle was putting the moves on Cara. She snuggled close, requested they pose cheek-to-cheek for selfies, and Michelle was touchy-feeling throughout the game.

Rodriguez has made it clear that she’s a very sexual creature (quote) “I've gone both ways. I do as I please."

The more she drank, the more flirtatious Michelle became, and Cara was enjoying all the attention. While the Knicks put the game away in the fourth quarter, Michelle focused solely on her date. The only action she cared about was if she could persuade Cara to go home with her. By the look of things, as their make-out session got progressively steamier, the odds were in Michelle’s favor.  SourceNew York Daily News

The Angles:

  • The spectators were cheering them on and at times seemed more interested in the kissing girls than the Knicks.
  • Michelle may have been so drunk that she won’t remember a thing from the second half of the game.
  • Cara has been spending quality time with Rihanna, too. So you know he girl loves a good party.

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